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Feilong Company Launching Sports Activities to Welcome New Year's Day

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Time of issue:2021-01-01 16:32

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On the afternoon of the 31st, Feilong Company held a three-legged competition in the same boat on Production Avenue to welcome New Year's Day.

Before the competition, the company's trade union organized seriously. 144 people from 24 teams participated in the same boat competition, and 174 people from 87 groups participated in the two-person three-legged competition. On the field, the team members worked together to compete for the first place, and the scene was enthusiastic. The audience cheered for the team members, cheers and cheers were interwoven into one, and they were happy. After fierce competition, the representatives of International Trade Department I, Machine Plus Workshop II and Food and Beverage Department won the top three in the same boat competition respectively. Quality Control Department Program, Jia Bin, Logistics Department Liu Liang and Liu Zheng, Machine Plus Workshop Du Shuai and Qiao Siyu won the top three in the three-legged men's group, exhaust pipe workshop Cao Jinyu and Xi Xiaopeng, sales department Yang Xiao and Wang Ping, catering department Cao Chunling and Wang Yun won the top three respectively.

This activity made the employees happy, cultivated the spirit of teamwork, and created a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere. The company's leaders and employees laughed and welcomed the hopeful 2021 with joy.