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Nanyang Feilong Company Held 2021 Work Conference

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Time of issue:2021-01-06 16:32

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On January 6, Nanyang Feilong 2021 Work Conference was held on the sixth floor of the comprehensive office building. The conference summarized the work in 2020 and arranged the deployment of 2021.


General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech


Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting and read out the company's commendation decision


Comrade Xi Guoqin, Deputy General Manager of Nanyang Feilong, made a summary of 2020 work.

Arrange the deployment of 2021 target tasks and priorities


General Manager Sun Yaozhong presented the award to the winning unit of the Cost Saving Award.


Company leaders award top 10 improvement stars


Company leaders award for advanced quality management units


Company leaders for the 2020 annual advanced collective awards


Comrade Li Haiyan, Assistant Director of Nanyang Feilong and Director of No.2 Machining Workshop, made a speech.


Speech by Comrade Jia Zhijun, Minister of Nanyang Feilong Oil Pump Research and Development Department