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Henan province production safety inspection team to visit the company to guide the work

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Time of issue:2020-11-27 16:32

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On November 26, the safety production supervision and law enforcement inspection team of Henan Provincial Emergency Management Department, accompanied by Xu Yuhong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Xixia County Emergency Management Bureau, visited Feilong company to inspect and guide the work of safety production. Mr. Liang reported to the supervision team on the development of the company's production safety work in recent years, as well as the progress of the three-year special rectification of production safety and the double prevention system.



The supervision team first conducted safety knowledge examinations for some safety management personnel and special workers, and then conducted detailed inspections on safety documents and production sites in groups. Through the inspection, the supervision team believes that the company is relatively standardized in safety management, the implementation of various systems is relatively in place, meets the requirements of the safety production law, and gives good evaluation. At the same time, it also provides guidance on the details that need to be improved on the production site. On behalf of the company, Liang thanked the supervision team for its careful guidance and said that the rectification would be completed within one week and the rectification evidence would be submitted.



Safety in production is no small matter. At the end of the year, all departments at all levels must be highly vigilant, alarm bells will ring, and safety management will be implemented to provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of employees and the stable development of the company to deliver orders smoothly!