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Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2023 scientific and technological innovation work conference

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Time of issue:2023-01-13 14:42

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Vigorously Enhance Innovation Capability to Realize Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading

In order to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation in the new year, further enhance the strength of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and keep up with the pace of development of the automobile industry, on the morning of January 13, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2023 scientific and technological innovation work conference. The company's main leaders attended the meeting, executive deputy general manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting, and more than 160 people attended the meeting.


            Feng Changhong, vice president of technology, first made the "2022 Science and Technology Work Report". The report pointed out that in 2022, the company's science and technology work will conscientiously implement the new development concept of "perseverance, two-wheel drive, intensive cultivation and brand building". All scientific and technological personnel will overcome difficulties, explore and innovate, focus on the development of new energy products, concentrate on reducing costs, successfully complete various technical tasks, and realize mass supply of electronic pumps, the market share of new energy products such as high-power electronic pumps, thermal management control valves, and oil pumps has steadily increased, making outstanding contributions to the development of new energy markets for enterprises. At the same time, Feng Changhong arranged the deployment of 2023 science and technology work from five aspects: new product development, PPAP project, technological transformation and scientific and technological research, technology cost reduction and technology management.




At the meeting, executive vice president Liang Zhonghua read out the "decision on commending and rewarding scientific and technological meritorious personnel", and selected 8 scientific and technological leaders, 46 technical pacesetters, 49 technical experts, 45 technical contribution individuals, 19 technical progress individuals, winners of major scientific research projects of the company selected by the technical departments and relevant departments of the head office and its subsidiaries in 2022,FANUCSystem Learning ExcellenceThe winners of 67 patents, 8 papers and 144 technological innovation projects were commended and rewarded, with a total bonus of 1.8863 million yuan. Company leaders presented awards to the winners.

Then, Zhang Xu, the representative of the leader of science and technology, and Yuan Fei and Chen Xu, the representatives of the technical pacesetters, made speeches at the conference.


Finally, General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech, congratulating the award-winning scientific and technological personnel, fully affirming the contributions made by the scientific and technological team in the past year, and hoping that everyone will be based on their posts in the new year, devote themselves to research, tenacious struggle, pioneering and innovative, and strive to enhance the scientific and technological strength of the company. Sun always puts forward five requirements for doing a good job in science and technology in 2023: ① conscientiously implement the development strategy of "three grasps" and "three innovations"; ② keep up with the development pace of new energy vehicles and make every effort to develop new energy products; ③ give full play to technological advantages, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and seek benefits from science and technology; ④ deeply understand the connotation of "science and technology is the first productive force" and improve production efficiency; ⑤ attach importance to the introduction of talents, enhance the strength of science and technology, and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.