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Feilong Company Held 2023 Marketing Work Conference

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Time of issue:2023-01-27 15:25

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On the morning of January 27, Feilong Company held a 2023 marketing work conference to summarize the marketing work in 2022 and arrange the deployment of the marketing work in 2023. All members of the company's management team attended the meeting, and Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting.



The meeting began with the national anthem. Vice President of Sales Jiao Lei first summarized the sales work in 2022 and arranged to deploy the sales work in 2023. In 2022, affected by many unfavorable factors such as repeated new crown epidemics, shortage of automotive chips, high raw material prices, and continued local geopolitical conflicts, under the effective blessing of a series of stable growth and consumption promotion policies such as halving the vehicle purchase tax, the company's marketing team earnestly implemented the new development concept of "perseverance, two-wheel drive, intensive work, and brand building", seeking truth and pragmatism, daring to fight, striving for the first, and controlling the situation, complete sales tasks in 2022.



Then, assistant general manager Zhang Qun and Zhao Yantong summarized the work of the first and second international trade departments in 2022 and arranged the work in 2023.
Wang Ruijin, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Feilong Special Casting Company, explains the cost composition of castings.





At the meeting, Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Individuals in Sales and International Trade in 2002", commending and rewarding 10 sales stars such as Li Xiaoyang, 3 service stars such as Zhang Jing, 7 advanced workers in International Trade such as Xie Wei, 9 advanced individuals in market development such as Wu Wentao, and 2 special contribution award winners such as Dong Bin, who emerged from the sales work in 2022, the leaders of the company presented awards to the recipients of the commendation.



Dong Bin, representative of the Special Contribution Award, and Li Xiao and Wang Xiaodong, representatives of advanced international trade workers, made speeches at the conference.
Finally, General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech. One. China's total economy in 2022. II. Import and export of foreign trade in 2022. 3 World GDP ranking in 2022. Four. The company's 2023 target mission. 5 We will unswervingly follow the road of international development and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. VI. China's auto production and sales in 2022. Seven. Sales of new energy vehicles in China in 2022. Eight. New energy car market development ideas and direction of struggle. IX. The company's new energy vehicle supporting product planning and layout. Ten. Give full play to the important role of Shanghai and Wuhu Feilong Research Institute. XI. Current situation and future trend of domestic commercial vehicle market. XII. Customers with heavy losses and large losses in 2022. Sun always called on us, under the strong leadership of the company's board of directors, to be confident and self-reliant, to keep the right and innovate, to work hard, to carry forward the spirit of "three cows", to adhere to the business policy of "three grasps and three creations", to implement the new development concept of "tenacious and persistent two-wheel drive, intensive cultivation and brand creation", to build a new development pattern, and to strive for the lofty ideal of "to create a world brand!