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Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand working meeting in 2023

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Time of issue:2023-01-04 09:25

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United  Overcome difficulties

Strive for the full completion of 2023 goals and tasks


          Sun and moon open new yuan, Vientiane open new chapter.2023At the beginning of the New Year, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2023 work conference to summarize the 2022 work and arrange the deployment of 2023 work. All members of the company's management team attended the meeting, more than 180 middle-level and above managers attended the meeting, and Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting. The meeting began with the majestic national anthem. General Manager Sun Yaozhong first made the 2022 Work Report of Feilong Co., Ltd. The report states that,Facing the new crown epidemic, the city was closed.,Port closure,Road closures cause market to stall,City,Port paralysis,The United States continues to impose tariffs.,Prices of major raw materials rise sharply,Critical chip shortage,Under the correct leadership of the board of directors, we have actively responded to the impact of unexpected factors, withstood unprecedented challenges and various tests, and strengthened our confidence.,Pressure forward,multiple measures,The good situation of stable development has been maintained..






At the meeting, two outstanding subsidiaries such as Nanyang Feilong Company, six advanced collectives such as China World Trade Center I, and 186 advanced individuals such as Ma Feng,Wang YuWait6NameAdvanced Individuals in Epidemic Prevention and Control,Li Zhongxi8 advanced individuals in equipment management, 10 advanced individuals in safety and environmental protection, including Sun Hu, 3 advanced party branches, including the first party branch, and 31 outstanding party members, including Sun Yaozhong,Zhang Yuxin23 model workers,Yuan ChunmeiEight trade union activists and 10 outstanding league members, including Li Shun, were commended. Minister of the International Trade DepartmentCao Qingchao and Wang Yanfei, director of the tooling workshop, made speeches at the conference.




      Finally, Sun always arranged the deployment of 2023 work from nine aspects and called on all employees.United, overcome difficulties and strive hard to complete the 2023 target and task in an all-round way!