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Zhengzhou Feilong Company Held 10th Anniversary Celebration and 2023 Work Conference

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Time of issue:2022-12-26 16:35

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On the morning of December 26, 2022, Zhengzhou Feilong Company held a working meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the factory and 2023. Chairman Sun Yaozhong, Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua, Technical Deputy General Manager Feng Changhong, General Manager Zhao Shufeng of Chongqing Feilong Company, General Manager Zhang Feng of Wuhu Feilong Company, General Manager Xiang Xiaodong of Wuhu Feilong Electronics Research Institute, and more than 140 employees of Zhengzhou Feilong management and departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua.





First of all, Sun Kai, general manager of Zhengzhou Feilong, summarized the main work done in the past ten years, and arranged the key work in 2023 and the plan for the next five years. Then, executive vice president Liang Zhonghua read out the 10th anniversary outstanding commendation document, and outstanding management cadre Lu Hui and outstanding employee Liu Yongchao made typical speeches.



Finally, Chairman Sun Yaozhong made an important speech, first announcing the 2022 operating targets and 10 major events to be completed. Then the 2023 target was issued, and finally Zhengzhou Feilong was given hope from eight aspects: 1. Practice internal skills, adjust structure, expand scale, and improve level; 2. High starting point, high standard, unconventional, and large span to achieve new goals; 3. Firmly believe, pioneer and innovate, transform and upgrade, and achieve breakthroughs; 4. Insist on improving quality, increasing varieties, creating brands, technological innovation, management innovation, and brand innovation; 5. Develop the spirit of excellence and craftsmanship, and promote the "three cows" drive; 6. Strengthen the construction of a clean government, be loyal and responsible, and create a great cause; 7. Accurate trial change, technological response, and active change; 8. Implement the new development concept and build a new development pattern To achieve high-quality development. Long journey, only struggle! The chairman's speech stands high and takes charge of the overall situation, which has far-reaching guiding significance for us to do a good job in the future.