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Longtai Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Longtai Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in the second zone of Rayong Industrial Park in Thailand. It is the first manufacturing plant established by Feilong in overseas investment. Established on December 15, 2023 with a registered capital of 0.25 billion baht. Construction will start in April 2024 and be completed and put into production in the third quarter of 2025. The leading products and design capacity are: 1.76 million turbocharger housings, 1.5 million exhaust manifolds, 1 million mechanical water pumps, 1 million electronic water pumps and 1 million integrated thermal management systems. After delivery, the annual income can be 7.5 billion Thai baht (1.5 billion yuan). (Dun & Bradstreet Code: 661396567)