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Xixia Feilong Special Casting Co., Ltd.

Xixia Feilong Special Casting Co., Ltd. has more than 930 employees, including 156 technical research and development personnel, with a registered capital of 0.2 billion yuan and a total assets of 0.59 billion yuan. It is a first-class production base for automobile exhaust manifolds and turbocharger housings in China. The company has the ability to develop and produce austenitic heat-resistant steel, manganese steel, high nickel austenitic ductile iron, high silicon molybdenum ductile iron, medium silicon molybdenum ductile iron and other products. With an annual output of 600000 exhaust manifolds, 5.3 million volute casting capacity and 2.6 million volute processing capacity.



The company has 1 KW molding line in Germany, 2 Dongjiu molding lines in Japan, 1 Guangyang molding line, 1 iron mold sand coating line, 1 precision shell molding line, 1 KW casting machine, 2 Xindong casting machines in Japan, and other supporting core making, melting, cleaning and processing equipment, forming a production process of core making → modeling → melting and pouring → cleaning → processing.