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Warmly congratulate Feilong Zhengzhou company through Bosch (BOSCH) supplier P1 audit!

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Time of issue:2021-07-23 10:54

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Recently, Feilong Zhengzhou Company passed Bosch's 3-day supplier P1 audit and successfully entered Bosch's global procurement system. The approval of this audit marks a key step in the Bosch hydrogen fuel cell engine thermal management control valve project.

As Bosch, which has been firmly at the top of the world's top 100 auto parts list for many years, has high hopes for the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market. As early as September 2017, Bosch announced a cooperation with Nikola Motor, a hydrogen truck start-up company, to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. In November of the same year, Bosch established cooperation with Weichai Power to jointly develop and produce hydrogen fuel cells and related components. After that, Bosch has successively reached cooperation with Powercell and Qingling Motors in the field of hydrogen fuel cells to jointly lay out hydrogen fuel cells. Feilong Company closely follows the market development and actively participates in Bosch hydrogen fuel cell engine project. The specific products are thermal management control valves and electronic water pumps.



As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Feilong, Feilong Zhengzhou Company pays close attention to market trends and actively seeks transformation and upgrading. It mainly produces new energy-related products such as traditional passenger car water pumps, electronic water pumps and thermal management control valves. The approval of this audit is an affirmation of the company's project management, process development and implementation, internal failure analysis, internal audit and system operation. It is the starting point, not the end point, incentive and responsibility.

In the follow-up cooperation with Bosch, we will strictly follow the requirements of customers, conscientiously do a good job in product research and development, deliver on schedule, ensure quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, go hand in hand and win-win future.