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Warmly congratulate Feilong Company on winning the title of "Best Support Award" at the 10 million engine offline ceremony of Great Wall Motor Honeycomb Power

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Time of issue:2021-07-23 10:34

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Yangzhong in June is full of vitality.
At the invitation of Great Wall Honeycomb Power, Sun Yaozhong, General Manager of Feilong Company, attended the 10 million engine offline ceremony of Great Wall Honeycomb Power on June 17, 2021 in Yangzhong with the theme of "Ten Million Promises, Start from Heart.

At the offline ceremony, Honeycomb Power highly affirmed the cooperation and support of Feilong Company all the time, and specially awarded the title of "Best Support Award.


As a leader of China's independent automobile brands, Great Wall Motors has always been one of the important customers of Feilong Company. From the initial supporting automobile water pumps and exhaust manifolds to the current turbocharger housings and other products, 21 years of sincere cooperation, Has won the trust and support of Great Wall Motors!
In the future cooperation, we will keep in mind the call of President Xi, we must promote the national automobile brand, keep up with the development pace of the Great Wall Honeycomb power, and work hand in hand with high-quality products, high-quality services, and competitive prices. Create a better future!