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Shenzhen two company executives to visit the dragon company

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Time of issue:2020-07-20 19:03

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From July 15 to 16, Li Chao, vice president of Shenzhen Jushenghua Co., Ltd., and Zhou Zhiqiang, general manager of Shenzhen Chuangcheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd., visited the company.



Accompanied by the company's vice chairman and general manager Sun Yaozhong, chief financial officer Sun Dingwen, and Dong Mi Xie Guolou, they visited Nanyang Feilong Company, Foundry Division, and company headquarters. Vice Chairman Sun Yaozhong introduced the company's development history, product structure, supporting customers, technology research and development direction in detail.



Mr. Li Chao introduced in detail the development process, development concept, strategic layout and enterprise vision of Baoneng, elaborated the development strategy of "manufacturing Baoneng, science and technology Baoneng, people's livelihood Baoneng", as well as Baoneng's layout and grand plan in the automotive industry, and said that Feilong Company has great development potential in the field of auto parts and automotive electronics, and expects the three parties to reach a certain cooperation consensus in capital and industry.