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The company held the first interim general meeting of shareholders in 2020.

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Time of issue:2020-07-31 19:03

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On July 29, Feilong held its first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2020, which was attended by Chairman Sun Yaozhi, Vice Chairman Sun Yaozhong, independent directors, directors and company executives. The meeting reviewed and passed the "Regarding the election of non-independent directors by the board of directors" and other proposals. The lawyers of Shanghai Jintiancheng Law Firm witnessed the shareholders meeting on the spot and issued legal opinions.



Chairman Sun Yaozhi made an important speech



Vice Chairman and General Manager Sun Yaozhong read the motion


Jintiancheng lawyer Huang Hui reads legal opinion


Company leaders seriously consider the motion



The directors of the company carefully consider the motions


Feilong Co., Ltd. First Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020