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Feilong Company Held the Seventh Skills Competition Summary and Commendation Conference

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Time of issue:2023-06-13 09:53

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On the afternoon of June 12, Feilong Company held a grand summary and commendation meeting for the 7th employee skills competition in the conference room on the fourth floor of administration. General Manager Sun Yaozhong, Deputy Production Manager Jiao Lei, Foundry Manager Xie Junwei attended the meeting, Executive Deputy Manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting, and more than 100 participating employees attended the meeting.



Jiao Lei, vice president of production, first summarized the development of this skill competition and pointed out that this competition presents five major characteristics: more detailed types of work, more employees participating in the competition, high promotion standards, emphasis on actual results, and obvious improvement in results.
Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua read out the commendation decision. General Manager Sun Yaozhong, Deputy General Manager Jiao Lei of Production and Foundry Division Manager Xie Junwei presented prizes to a total of 36 winners of the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively. General Manager Sun Yaozhong presented letters of appointment to the newly assessed worker technicians Du Shuai, Zhang Baoju and Li Xin.



At the meeting, Comrade Du Shuai, a new worker technician, expressed his gratitude for the training of the enterprise. In the future, he will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, do a good job in passing on, continuously improve the level of skills, and contribute intelligence to the development of the enterprise.



Finally, Sun Zong made an important speech and put forward four requirements and hopes:
1. should focus on training state-level skilled personnel to add glory to enterprises;
2. to form a good atmosphere within the company to catch up with and help surpass, and enhance innovation capabilities;
3. continuously improve the management ability and technical level of the workshop team, improve product quality;
4. competitions should be normalized and the standards should be higher, finer and more solid;
     I hope that the staff and comrades will firmly establish the lofty ideal of being a century-old enterprise, practice their internal skills, improve their skills, set sail on a new journey and realize a new leap forward!