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Feilong Co., Ltd. Held 2022 Science and Technology Innovation Work Conference

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Time of issue:2022-01-04 15:21

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Enhance the strength of scientific and technological innovation to promote the high-quality development of enterprises

 In order to further implement the strategy of invigorating enterprises through science and technology and innovation-driven development, do a good job in scientific and technological innovation in the new year, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises, on the morning of January 4, Feilong Co., Ltd. solemnly held the 2022 scientific and technological innovation work conference.




Vice President of Technology Feng Changhong first made the 2021 Science and Technology Work Report, which pointed out that in 2021,Under the guidance of the new development concept of "tenacity and persistence, two-wheel drive, intensive cultivation and brand building" put forward by Sun Yaozhong, general manager of the company,All technical staff to overcome difficulties, pioneering and innovative, focusing on the development of new energy products, concentrating on cost reduction, the successful completion ofTechnologyTasks,Electronic pumps to achieve high-volume supply, high-power electronic pumps and thermal management control valves occupy the hydrogen energy market.,Transmission oil pump mass productionIt has made outstanding contributions to the development of new energy market for enterprises.At the same time, Feng Changhong fromNew product development, PPAP project, technological transformation and scientific and technological research, technology cost reduction, technology management five aspectsArrange the deployment of science and technology work in 2022.


At the meeting, executive vice president Liang Zhonghua read out the "decision on commendation and reward for scientific and technological meritorious personnel". in 2021, 5 scientific and technological leaders, 45 technical pacesetters, 62 technical experts, 44 individuals of technological progress, winners of major scientific research projects of the company, 65 patents, 8 papers and 150 winners of technological innovation projects selected by the technical departments and relevant departments of the head office and its subsidiaries were commended and rewarded and awarded with bonuses.187.08Ten thousand yuan.


Finally, General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech, congratulating the award-winning scientific and technological personnel, fully affirming the contributions made by the scientific and technological team in the past year, and hoping that everyone will be based on their posts in the new year, devote themselves to research, tenacious struggle, pioneering and innovative, and strive to enhance the scientific and technological strength of the company. Sun always puts forward six requirements for doing a good job in science and technology in 2022: ① vigorously develop new energy products and seize the new energy market; ② enhance the sense of urgency, crisis, responsibility and mission; ③ vigorously reduce the cost of technology and seek benefits from science and technology; ④ actively study and apply new materials, new technologies and new processes; ⑤ benchmarking industries, finding gaps, making up for shortcomings and catching up with advanced ones; ⑥ Learn new knowledge and master new methods, create new performance.