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Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand working meeting in 2022

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Time of issue:2022-01-03 17:00

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Overcome difficulties and forge ahead-strive for the full completion of 2022 goals and tasks!

     The sun and the moon are moving, and the age law is updated. History has turned a new page and we are ushering in a new year. At this beautiful moment of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2022 work conference to summarize the work in 2021 and arrange the deployment of the work in 2022. All members of the company's management team attended the meeting, more than 180 middle-level and above managers attended the meeting, and executive deputy general manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting.



   The meeting began with the majestic national anthem. General Manager Sun Yaozhong first made the 2021 Work Report of Feilong Co., Ltd. The report points out that in 2021, in the face of the severe situation of the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic, the imposition of tariffs in the United States, the sharp rise in raw materials, the shortage of chips, the depreciation of the US dollar and the skyrocketing sea freight, under the correct leadership of the board of directors, we have strengthened our confidence, faced difficulties, took multiple measures and seized opportunities, maintained a good momentum of stable development, and laid a solid foundation for the new development of the 14th year.



At the meeting, three outstanding subsidiaries such as Nanyang Feilong Company, six advanced collectives such as Machine Plus Workshop, 193 advanced individuals such as Zhang Yulong, 10 advanced individuals such as Li Xiangdong, 8 advanced individuals such as Zhao Jianbo, 3 advanced party branches such as the Third Party Branch, 33 outstanding party members such as Feng Zhuo, 25 model workers such as Chen Yu'e, and 10 trade union activists such as Wang li Shun and other 8 outstanding members were commended.



Finally, Sun Zong arranged the deployment of 2022 work from nine aspects, calling on all employees to overcome difficulties, forge ahead with determination, and strive hard for the full completion of 2022 goals and tasks!