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The Golden Autumn October Gathering to Celebrate the Glorious Five Years and Building Dreams and Exhibitions for the Future-Shanghai Feilong's 5th Anniversary Celebration Ends Successfully

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Time of issue:2021-10-28 08:42

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Shanghai Feilong New Energy Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Feilong) ushered in its 5th birthday. In the past five years, Shanghai Feilong people have worked hard and forged ahead in the fierce market competition, accepted the baptism of the market, and achieved fruitful results. On this golden autumn October, in order to celebrate this special day, on October 11, 2021, Shanghai Feilong held a grand fifth anniversary celebration. Sun Yaozhong, general manager of Feilong Co., Ltd., general managers of subsidiaries, guests and all colleagues of Shanghai Feilong gathered together to celebrate Shanghai Feilong's fifth birthday.




This celebration was presided over by Feng Changhong, vice president of technology of Feilong Co., Ltd. and executive director of Shanghai Feilong. The celebration was divided into four chapters.

The first chapter: "The Glory Course". Mr. Song Hongli, general manager of Shanghai Feilong, delivered a speech on stage. In his speech, Mr. Song explained to the guests the development process of Shanghai Feilong in the past five years and the future enterprise planning. Mr. Song said: After five years of continuous development, Shanghai Feilong has become a new force in the field of automotive thermal management from the difficult and unremitting struggle in the early days of its establishment.




At present, Shanghai Feilong has all-round research and development capabilities such as independent mechanical design and development, software and hardware design and development, mechanical test and development, and electronic test and development capabilities. It has grown from five or six people to a technical team of more than 40 people. Currently developed products include a variety of engine thermal management control valves, new energy electric vehicle electronic three-way valve, fuel cell thermal management control three-way valve/four-way valve/five-way valve, electronic two-way valve, electronic actuator, integrated kettle Wait. The products cover the fields of traditional fuel vehicles, new energy electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel power systems, communications and aerospace thermal management. Shanghai Feilong's future product planning will adhere to the thermal management control valve and electronic actuator as the core, downward expansion and development of electronic actuators, upward integration and development of thermal management system.

The products developed by Shanghai Feilong have been promoted in the front line of sales and have won the fixed points of more than 10 customers, such as Geely, Bosch, Shanghai Remodeling, Vietnam VINFAST, United, etc. The projects of more than 10 customers have entered the fixed-point process one after another during in-depth exchanges.

Shanghai Feilong has strong research and development strength, but also from scratch to establish a mechanical laboratory and electronic laboratory, the existing test equipment dozens of sets, with mechanical, environmental, electronic, durability and other aspects of testing capabilities, to ensure that the product verification is sufficient, delivered to customers quality products. At the same time, a comprehensive testing room and a sample trial production workshop have been set up to ensure that the final products delivered to customers are qualified.

At the same time of product research and development, the construction of the factory's real estate line has also been carried out simultaneously. Up to now, Zhengzhou Feilong, the thermal management valve product production factory, has completed two production lines, which are flexibly compatible with the assembly of many products.

The second chapter: "Thanksgiving peer". Shanghai Feilong's achievements in the past five years are inseparable from those outstanding employees who follow, never leave, work hard and work hard. The award ceremony of "excellent employees" and "model workers" was held at the activity site. Comrade Song Hongli, general manager of Shanghai Feilong, presented trophies and prizes to five "outstanding employees. Comrade Sun Yaozhong, general manager of Feilong Co., Ltd., presented trophies and prizes to the three "model workers.




The third chapter: "from the bottom of my heart". At the meeting, outstanding employee representatives and sales representatives took the stage to speak, telling the touching stories of their own striving and growing together with Shanghai Feilong.

The fourth chapter: "summary outlook". Comrade Sun Yaozhong, general manager of Feilong Co., Ltd., made an important speech. First of all, he affirmed the achievements of Shanghai Feilong in the past five years and congratulated him. At the same time, we will carry out deployment planning for the next five years, two-wheel drive, mission responsibility, enhance competitive strength, win the battle of transformation and upgrading, and protracted war, and work together to make a good start, start a good step, and gather all efforts for Feilong's "14th Five-Year Plan", Win the future.