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Feilong Wuhu Research Institute Third Anniversary Summary Conference Held

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Time of issue:2021-07-26 14:26

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     At 9:00 a.m. on July 16, the third anniversary summary meeting of Feilong Wuhu Research Institute was solemnly held in the conference room on the fifth floor. All members of the head office attended the meeting. Xiang Xiaodong, general manager of Feilong Wuhu Research Institute, Song Hongli, general manager of Feilong Shanghai Company, and Zhang Feng, general manager of Feilong Wuhu Company respectively made reports at the meeting, comprehensively and systematically summarizing the development achievements and future new energy product planning of the three companies since the establishment of the three companies, sun Yaozhong, general manager of Feilong shares, made an important speech. Mr. Sun fully affirmed the work of the Institute in the past three years and gave a comprehensive description of the company's future development plan. Sun always asked everyone to uphold the new development concept of "perseverance, two-wheel drive, intensive work, and brand building", carry forward the "three bull spirit", fulfill the mission, enhance the competitive strength, and develop and innovate the drive; win the "tough battle, positional war, and protracted war" of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and call on everyone to join hands for the company's "14th Five-Year Plan", start a good game, start a good step, gather all, and win the future!


Sun Yaozhong, General Manager of Feilong Company, made an important speech



Zhang Feng, General Manager of Feilong Wuhu Company, made a summary report on the first half of the year and new energy projects.



Song Boni, General Manager of Shanghai Feilong New Energy Company, made a five-year summary report.



The general manager of Feilong Wuhu Electronics Research Institute made a three-year summary report to Xiaodong.



Company leaders and research institute personnel to attend the meeting



Company leaders and research institute R & D personnel group photo



Feilong Wuhu Automotive Electronics Research Institute Third Anniversary Summary Conference Site



Company leaders in Wuhu Electronics Research Institute group photo