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The Party Committee of Feilong Company issued commemorative medals of "50 years of glory in the Party" to 8 old party members.

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Time of issue:2021-07-26 11:09

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       The issuance of commemorative medals to veteran comrades who are "Glorious in the Party for 50 Years" is an important part of the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. This is the first time that our party has issued such commemorative medals to veteran party members who have reached 50 years of party age as of July 1, 2021.

once he joined the party, he will be the party all his life. The "Glory in the Party 50 Years" commemorative medal is the highest tribute to the old party members. Eight veteran party members, including Liu Mingxing, Pang Shengjian, Xue Junyou, Zhang Jinhua, Fu Qichao, Ding Xianhai, Liu Gengshen and Li Haicheng, retired employees of Feilong Company, were awarded the commemorative medals. On the morning of June 30, Liang Huahua, deputy secretary of the company's party committee, presented the eight veteran party members with the "50 Years of Glory in the Party" commemorative medals and extended holiday blessings to them!