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Warmly congratulate Feilong Company and Yutong Bus on signing the new energy component supply contract!

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Time of issue:2021-07-23 11:14

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Recently, Feilong Company and Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. signed a 200-watt electronic water pump supply contract. It is reported that the 200 watt electronic water pump is used in Yutong bus pure electric bus and is mainly used for cooling the battery system. The life cycle of this project is 5 years. At present, Feilong Company has supplied it in small quantities.

As a local enterprise in Henan, Yutong Bus took the lead in investing professional forces in the research and development of energy conservation and new energy fields. It developed the first pure electric bus in 1999. It has fully mastered the core technologies such as new energy bus matching optimization, system integration and control, and bus wireless charging. It has China's national electric bus electric control and safety engineering technology research center, China's first new energy bus technology research center, and China's largest new energy bus production base, china's first fuel bus production qualification, is the world's first successful trial operation of driverless buses enterprises.

It is understood that Yutong's new energy product line has covered a full range of 6-18 m models, covering more than 350 cities in China and exported to 24 countries and regions around the world, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 140000 vehicles, ranking first in the world.


Feilong Company gives full play to the location advantages of Feilong Zhengzhou Company, deeply participates in it at the beginning of product design, and actively communicates face-to-face with relevant departments of Yutong Bus to lay the foundation for subsequent batch supply.

In the follow-up cooperation, we will closely follow the development pace of Yutong bus, actively participate in product research and development, ensure quality and quantity supply, adhere to the concept of "sincere cooperation and win-win future", provide good service and cooperate with Yutong, and contribute to the development and growth of Yutong.