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The Party Committee of Feilong Company launched a number of activities to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

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Time of issue:2020-06-03 19:03

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On the morning of June 2, Feilong Company held a grand summary and commendation meeting of the staff skills competition in the conference room on the fourth floor to commend and reward the employees, excellent organizers and organizational units who achieved excellent results in the competition. Li Yinxing, deputy director of the Xixia County people's Congress and chairman of the County Federation of Trade unions, and Wang Yiwen, party secretary of the County Federation of Trade unions, attended the meeting. More than 100 award-winning employees and contestants attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liang Zhonghua, executive vice president of the company and chairman of the trade union.




Jiao Lei, vice president of production, first summarized the development of the competition. A total of 321 people took part in the competition, with four types of work: fitter, processing center, round car and foundry, divided into 11 groups. The examination questions and scoring standards are all selected from the national skill appraisal question bank. After training and study, theoretical examination and practical examination, and after statistical summary according to 30:70 (theoretical results: practical results), the organizing committee evaluates and selects excellent organizational units, excellent organizers, winning individuals and worker technicians. This competition has five major characteristics: first, the leaders attach importance to it and the learning atmosphere is strong; second, the organization is tight, and the staff has a high reputation; third, the difficulty is moderate, and the combination of production is close; fourth, the publicity is timely and the social impact is greater; fifth, it is brilliant, The skill display is excellent, and the expected purpose and effect are achieved.

At the meeting, Liang Zhonghua, executive vice president of the company and chairman of the trade union, read out the "Decision on Commending Outstanding Units in Technical Competition, Outstanding Individuals and Appointment of Workers and Technicians", commending 10 first prize winners such as Jing Qingshan, 18 second prize winners such as Zhang Xuegang, 16 third prize winners such as Jia Jianhui, 14 outstanding contestants such as Du Pu, 17 outstanding organizers such as Zhang Qing, and 4 outstanding organizations such as production and manufacturing department. Zhang Bing was appointed as fitter technician and Zhao Chaoqun as lathe technician, and was promoted to the technical level of Shi Long and other 5 people.



Wang Yiwen, secretary of the party group of the county federation of trade unions, awarded the company 10000 yuan on behalf of the county federation of trade unions.








The leaders attending the meeting awarded the first and 2. third prizes respectively, awarded awards to excellent contestants, excellent organizers and excellent organizational units, and issued letters of appointment to the appointed technicians.



On behalf of Zhang Bing and Jia Jiandong, the first prize winner of the processing center, the newly hired technician made a speech at the conference, thanking the company for providing a platform to show growth and success, saying that he would love his job, be diligent in learning, constantly improve his technical level, be brave in taking responsibility, and make new achievements.


Finally, Li Yinxing, deputy director of the Xixia County People's Congress and chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, made an important speech. On behalf of the County Federation of Trade Unions, he congratulated Feilong Company on the success of the skills competition. He pointed out that the skills competition is an important platform for improving and displaying employees' skills. The company will unremittingly carry out the skills competition, and set off an upsurge of learning new knowledge, mastering new skills, strong quality, strong skills, for the county staff skills competition tree benchmark, take a good head.