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Feilong Company Launches Golden Autumn Award Assistance Activities

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Time of issue:2020-08-26 19:03

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In order to make dreams come true, encourage outstanding students to grow up and help poor students change their destiny and become pillars of society. On August 26, at the admission notice and award and grant issuing ceremony of Xixia No. 1 High Key University, Sun Yaozhong, general manager of Feilong Company, on behalf of the company, awarded 5000 yuan to each of the students admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University, 20 outstanding teachers were awarded 3000 yuan each, and 30 poor students admitted to key universities were awarded 3000 yuan each, with a total contribution of 175000 yuan. As a social welfare undertaking of Feilong company, the activity of caring for students has been carried out for 18 years. Feilong Company hopes that the aided students will have lofty aspirations, turn temporary difficulties into the will and motivation to forge ahead, learn to fight in difficulties, mature in training, and become talents in struggle.