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Feilong Joint Stock Company Held 2021 Marketing Work Conference

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Time of issue:2021-02-17 16:24

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Spring returns to the earth, Taurus is excited. On the morning of February 17, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2021 marketing work conference to summarize the sales work in 2020 and arrange the deployment of the marketing work in 2021. Members of the company's management team attended the meeting. More than 150 people from the sales department, the first international trade department, the second international trade department, the general project department and the trademark advertising department attended the meeting. Executive Deputy General Manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting.
At the beginning of the meeting, Vice President of Sales Jiao Lei made a report on "2020 Marketing Work Summary and 2021 Marketing Work Plan. Assistant General Manager Zhang Qun and Zhao Yantong made reports on the "2020 Work Summary and 2021 Work Plan" of the First and Second Departments of International Trade respectively.
At the meeting, executive vice president Liang Zhonghua read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Individuals in Sales Work in 2020". He commended 10 sales stars Li Hongbin, 6 service stars Liang Zhongwu and Yang Xiao, and 6 advanced international trade workers Jin Lishan, advanced market development individuals Li Qiang and Gao Weian, and special contribution award winners Zhang Qun and Pang Guodong. Company leaders put red ribbons on them and awarded bonus medals. Sales star representative Li Hongbin, and representatives of advanced international trade workers Liang Huili and Jin Lishan made typical speeches at the meeting, exchanged work experience and expressed their determination to do a good job in the new year.
Finally, Sun Yaozhong, general manager of the company, analyzed the international and domestic economic situation, pointed out the direction of the company's transformation and upgrading, and called on all business personnel to fully carry forward the spirit of "three cows", earnestly enhance their sense of responsibility, and do a good job in six aspects. strive to achieve the goal of sales revenue of 3 billion yuan in 2021.


General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech at the meeting


Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting and read out the company's commendation decision


Sales Vice President Jiao Lei Summarizes 2020 Sales Work and Arrange 2021 Work Tasks


Assistant General Manager Zhang Qun Summarizes the Work of ITC I in 2020 and Arranging Work Targets and Tasks in 2021


Zhao Yantong, assistant to the general manager, summarized the work of the second international trade department in 2020 and arranged the work objectives and tasks in 2021


Comrade Jiao Lei, vice president of sales, presented awards to sales stars.


Vice President of Purchasing, Comrade Tang Guozhong, presented awards to service stars.


Comrade Feng Changhong, Vice President of Technology, presented awards to advanced individuals in the International Trade Center.


Sun Dingwen, vice president of finance, presented awards to advanced individuals in market development.


General Manager presents awards to individuals for special contributions


Sales Star Award Representative Li Hongbin Speak


Liang Hui-li, representative of China World Trade Advanced Workers, made a speech


Jin Lishan, Representative of Advanced Worker of International Trade


Feilong Co., Ltd. Sales International Trade Work Conference Site


Company leaders take photos with the winners