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Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand conference on scientific and technological innovation in 2021

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Time of issue:2021-01-23 16:18

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On the morning of January 23, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a grand 2021 Science and Technology Innovation Conference to summarize the scientific and technological work in 2020 and arrange the deployment of the scientific and technological work in 2021. General Manager Sun Yaozhong attended the meeting and made an important speech. More than 160 people attended the meeting from Feilong Technology Center, Feilong Casting Division Technology Department, Nanyang Feilong Casting Division Technology Department and Feilong Special Casting Company Technology Department.
Feng Changhong, vice president of technology of the company, first made the "2021 technical work report", from the product development, PPAP project, technology management, "two" integration, technological innovation and patents five aspects of the 2020 scientific and technological work to carry out a comprehensive and detailed summary. Then, Mr. Feng arranged to deploy the scientific and technological work in 2021, mainly in five aspects: new product development, PPAP project, technological transformation and automation, technological cost reduction and technological management.
At the meeting, Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua read out the "Decision on Commendation and Rewarding of Meritorious Personnel in Science and Technology", in 2021, 12 scientific and technological leaders, 41 technical pacesetters, 65 technical experts, 40 individuals of technological progress, winners of major scientific research projects, 62 utility model patents, 10 invention patents, 21 papers and 166 technological innovation projects emerged from the technical departments and related departments of the head office and its subsidiaries, A total of 2.1202 million yuan was awarded; company leaders for science and technology leaders, technical pacesetters put on the red ribbon, awarded bonuses. Peng Delou, a representative of science and technology leaders, Sun Jing, a representative of technical pacesetters, and Xin Bo, a representative of technical experts, respectively spoke at the meeting to exchange work experience and show their determination and confidence in doing a good job in science and technology work in the new year.
Finally, Sun Yaozhong, general manager of the company, made an important speech, congratulated the award-winning scientific and technological personnel, fully affirmed the outstanding contributions made by the scientific and technological team in the past year, and hoped that everyone would be based on their posts in the new year, devote themselves to research, explore and innovate, work hard, and strive to enhance the scientific and technological strength of the company. Sun always puts forward six requirements and hopes for doing a good job in science and technology work in 2021: ① Always keep in mind that scientific and technological innovation is the inexhaustible source of enterprises. ② high standards, strict requirements, keep improving and do a good job in technical work. ③ Actively research and develop new products, seize the market, and maintain the position of single champion in the industry. ④ Loyalty to the enterprise, dedication, strict confidentiality, protection of corporate intellectual property rights. ⑤ Vigorously use new materials, new technologies, new processes, and new equipment, and do a good job of "integration of the two modernizations" to achieve technical cost reduction. ⑥ Fully support the work of Shanghai and Wuhu Research Institute, strengthen the technical team, and achieve high-quality development.


General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech at the meeting


Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting and read out the commendation decision


Vice President of Technology Feng Changhong Summarizes Technical Work in 2020

Arrange and deploy the 2021 science and technology work plan


General Manager Sun Yaozhong presents awards to technology leaders


Vice President of Technology Feng Changhong presents awards to technical pacesetters


Sales Vice President Jiao Lei presented awards to technical experts.



Liu Songqi, Deputy General Manager of Foundry Technology, presented awards to individuals for technological progress.


Technology leader Peng De Lou made a typical speech


Technical pacesetter Sun Jing made a typical speech.


Technical expert Xin Bo made a typical speech.


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