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Nanyang Feilong Company and Mr. Sun Yaozhong's Love Aid Held Ceremoniously

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Time of issue:2023-08-11 10:22

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Compassionate rain to moisten the mulberry, donating money to help students show their true feelings. On the morning of August 10, 2023, Nanyang Feilong Company and Mr. Sun Yaozhong's Love Aid Ceremony was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company. Zhou Xiaofeng, member of the party group of the Neixiang County Government and chairman of the Federation of Trade unions, Sun Yaozhong, chairman of Nanyang Feilong Company, Xi Guoqin, executive director, responsible persons of the Communist Youth League County Party Committee, Culture, Radio and Tourism Bureau, Women's Federation, Wanbang Opera School and other units, excellent teachers, excellent college students and poor college students who were rewarded and funded participated in the activities.




At the ceremony, Sun gave a total of 238000 yuan: 1. A bonus of 5000 yuan to each of the 10 outstanding teachers; 2. A scholarship of 5000 yuan to each of the 10 outstanding college students; 3. Grant 5000 yuan to each of the 10 poor college students; 4. Donate 28000 yuan to the Youth League County Committee and the Women's Federation for primary and secondary school students; 5. Donate 60000 yuan to Wanbang Opera School.



Representatives of excellent teachers, poor college students and outstanding college students spoke one after another, expressing heartfelt thanks and high respect to Feilong Company and Mr. Sun for their kind deeds. And will be positive and enterprising, continue to work hard, with excellent results to repay relatives, alma mater, hometown, society, to win glory for the Neixiang and become the pride of Juxiang.




Mr. Sun expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the excellent results of this year's Neixiang College Entrance Examination and the college students. He talked about learning, growth, and entrepreneurship from his own experience, and introduced the development history and brilliant prospects of Feilong Company. Encourage everyone to turn their inner gratitude into the motivation to study hard, live up to their youth, become talents as soon as possible, serve the country, and contribute to society.

Finally, Zhou Xiaofeng, member of the party group of the county government and chairman of the County Federation of Trade unions, on behalf of the county party committee and county government, expressed heartfelt thanks to Feilong Company and Sun Zong for donating money to school and returning to society for many years. "The country will prosper, you must be a teacher and pay attention to it." The establishment of education and donation to school are good deeds related to cultural heritage, the prosperity of the country, and the well-being of the people. The determination to read and serve the country and increase talents is also the youth of every young person from the heart. ideal. Just like the donations donated by Feilong Company and Sun Zong, it is more to convey a kind of expectation, a kind of belief, and a kind of strength. It is hoped that the college students who are rewarded and funded will stand on a new stage, step into a new starting point, continue to forge ahead, press forward, set goals and create brilliance.