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Feilong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Cleaner Production Audit Basic Information Publicity

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According to the requirements of the the People's Republic of China Cleaner Production Promotion Law, the Cleaner Production Audit Measures, and the Announcement issued by the Office of the Nanyang Ecological Environment Bureau2023Notice on the Implementation of Compulsory Cleaner Production Audit Enterprises in Nanyang City in the Year (Wan Huan Ban [2023]2No.), our company decided2023Year3The third round of cleaner production audit was carried out in January. The basic situation of our company before this round of audit and the status of pollution production and discharge are now publicized to the public. All sectors of society are invited to supervise the implementation of cleaner production audit in our company.

1. enterprise basic information

Basic Enterprise Information Table

Name of Enterprise

Feilong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Legal Representative

Sun Yaozhi

Location of enterprise

Industrial Avenue, Xixia County, Henan Province


Auto parts and accessories manufacturing


Xueping Song

Contact Phone


2. construction content

The headquarters of Feilong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the south section of Industrial Avenue in Xixia County.299The main construction content is to carry out turning, drilling, milling, boring and other mechanical processing of cast iron blanks, production of water pumps, exhaust manifolds, etc., with an annual production capacity300Ten thousand car water pumps,200Ten thousand exhaust manifolds,10010,000 intake pipes and other accessories.

Headquarters under the jurisdiction1A foundry division, located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Industrial Avenue and Century Avenue in Xixia County Industrial Agglomeration Zone, is about away from the headquarters.2.8km, is one of the important blank parts production bases of Feilong Auto Parts Co., Ltd., the main production process includes casting production line (medium frequency furnace smelting → core making → molding → pouring → sand treatment) and automatic painting production line.1Strip (upper part → soot blowing → cleaning → drying → painting → leveling and curing → drying and cooling → lower part).

Our company's above-mentioned construction content EIA and completion of environmental protection acceptance procedures are complete, has applied for row.Pollution Permit (914113001764803359001W), the discharge of each pollutant meets the standard.

3. Pollution Discharge and Treatment

12) Exhaust gas

The waste gas generated by smelting in the Foundry Division includes smelting waste gas, pouring waste gas, hot core waste gas, falling sand waste gas, sand treatment waste gas, cutting waste gas, shot blasting waste gas, etc., which are respectively treated by their respective supporting waste gas treatment measures and then discharged through their respective supporting exhaust cylinders, and the painting waste gas passes through the "filter cotton"+activated carbon adsorption concentration+After the catalytic combustion desorption regeneration "device is treated to meet the standard, it will be discharged at high altitude through the matching exhaust cylinder, and the smelting exhaust gas and painting exhaust gas of the Foundry Division will be installed respectively.1Set of exhaust gas online monitoring device.

21) Waste water

Supporting sewage treatment station of headquarters1The scale of treatment of domestic sewage and cleaning wastewater generated in the plant area.400m3/dTreatment process: grid+grease trap+flocculation reaction tank+Sedimentation tank+air floatation A2O In the secondary sedimentation tank, the sewage is discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network after reaching the standard, and enters the Xixia County Urban Sewage Treatment Plant for further treatment and reaches the standard, and then discharged into the Geranium River.

Construction of Painting Wastewater Treatment Station in Foundry Division1The waste water from the paint shop is treated and reused for spraying without discharge; the integrated sewage treatment station1Seat, processing scale160m3/dTreatment process: pretreatment+Grille+regulating pool+hydrolytic acidification+contact oxidation+flocculation reaction+The secondary sedimentation tank, after the sewage is treated to meet the standard, is used for part of the plant greening, the remaining sewage is discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network, into the Xixia County Urban Sewage Treatment Station for further treatment to meet the standard, and then discharged into the Geranium River.

31) Noise

Take noise reduction measures such as sound insulation, vibration reduction and noise reduction.

42) Solid waste

After being collected, the general industrial solid waste generated by machining is temporarily stored in the general solid waste temporary storage room of the two plant areas for comprehensive utilization; the hazardous waste mainly includes paint residue, waste paint bucket, sewage treatment station sludge, waste activated carbon, waste filter cotton, waste hydraulic oil, etc., which are temporarily stored in the hazardous waste temporary storage room and regularly handed over to the unit with hazardous waste treatment qualification for treatment. The solid waste generated during the operation period can be properly disposed.



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