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Feilong Company Held the Sixth Skills Competition Summary and Commendation Conference

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Time of issue:2022-05-13 17:42

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  5On the afternoon of January 13, Feilong Company held the 6th skill competition summary and commendation meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of administration. General Manager Sun Yaozhong, Deputy Production Manager Jiao Lei, Foundry Manager Xie Junwei attended the meeting, Executive Deputy Manager Liang Zhonghua presided over the meeting, and more than 100 participating employees attended the meeting.




Jiao Lei, vice president of production, first summarized the development of the skills competition and pointed out that the competition showed five major characteristics: large scale, many participating employees, uniform types of work, high standards and obvious improvement in results.

Executive Vice President Liang Zhonghua read out the commendation decision and commended 11 first prize winners including Liu Yang, 12 second prize winners including Ma Hao, 13 third prize winners including Zhang Baoju, 12 outstanding organizers including Xu Xiaofeng, Human Resources Department and other 4 outstanding organizational units. Zhang Xuegang was appointed as fitter craftsman, Liu Yang as processing center technician, Zhang Haipeng as lathe technician, Guo Xiaofei as fitter technician and Ye Mingming as caster technician of the division.




Then, General Manager Sun Yaozhong, Deputy Production Manager Jiao Lei and Foundry Manager Xie Junwei presented awards to the contestants who won the third prize in 1. 2. respectively. Sun Zong presented letters of appointment to the newly appointed enterprise craftsmen and worker technicians.




Zhang Xuegang, a craftsman of the new enterprise, and Zhang Haipeng, a representative of the worker technician, spoke respectively, thanking the enterprise for providing a platform for their growth, saying that in the future work, they will continue to uphold the craftsman spirit of excellence, continue to improve their skills, do a good job in helping and guiding, train more skilled workers, and contribute their wisdom and talents to the development of the enterprise.

Finally, Mr. Sun made an important speech, hoping that the staff and comrades would firmly establish the lofty ideal of being a century-old enterprise, vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsman spirit, stand on their posts, practice their internal skills, improve their skills, and make new and greater contributions to the development of the enterprise!