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Feilong Company Held 2022 Marketing Work Conference

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Time of issue:2022-02-06 17:17

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 2On the morning of June 6, Feilong Co., Ltd. held a 2022 marketing conference to summarize the 2021 marketing work and arrange the deployment of 2022 marketing work.

The meeting began with the national anthem. Vice President of Sales Jiao Lei first summarized the sales work in 2021 and arranged the deployment of the sales work in 2022. In 2021, in the face of the severe market situation of industry downturn and intensified competition, the company's marketing team, guided by "perseverance, two-wheel drive, intensive cultivation and brand building", seeks truth and pragmatism, strives for the first place, controls the situation, dares to fight, fully completes the sales task in 2021 and achieves a new leap forward.








Then, assistant general manager Zhang Qun and Zhao Yantong respectively summarized the work of the first and second international trade departments in 2021 and arranged the work in 2022.

At the meeting, executive vice president Liang Zhonghua read out 《Decision on Commending Advanced Individuals in Sales of International Trade in 2002", 10 sales stars such as Li Hongbin, 3 service stars such as Huang Donghai, 8 advanced international trade workers such as Jia Guihua, 8 advanced market development individuals such as Yu Bo, 9 winners of special project awards such as Wang Li, and 3 winners of special contribution awards such as Wu Wentao, which emerged in the sales work in 2021.





Finally, General Manager Sun Yaozhong made an important speech. One. Recognize the situation: the Sino-US trade war continues, the dollar continues to depreciate, sea freight rates skyrocketed, the impact of the new crown epidemic is still incalculable, the number of trains in China and Europe continues to grow, raw material prices continue to rise, truck sales decline, coal prices skyrocketing led to rising electricity prices. II. The company's development strategy: to achieve sales revenue of 10 billion yuan by 2030. 3 Global automotive structure and sales forecast in 2022. Four. Company's 2022 target. 5 China Automotive Structure and Market Forecast in 2022. VI. Marketing team mission. Seven. Carry forward the spirit of teamwork, strive to complete the marketing task in 2022, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the factory with excellent results, and welcome the successful convening of the "20th National Congress" of the Party!