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A Letter from General Manager Sun Yaozhong to All Staff

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Time of issue:2021-02-04 16:21

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Open a new game, take a good step, take a great responsibility and create a great career.
Strive to achieve the 2021 goals and tasks
A letter to all staff.


Staff friends, hello!
One dollar is renewed and Vientiane is renewed. We have sent off an extraordinary year of 2020 and ushered in 2021, which is full of hope and challenges. In 2020, China's auto production and sales were 25.22 million and 25.31 million, down 2% and 1.9, respectively, from 2019. 2021 is the first year of the country's "14th Five-Year Plan". It is expected that China's GDP will increase by 8.1 on the basis of 101 trillion yuan last year, reaching 110 trillion yuan. my country's economy will shift from high growth to a new stage of high-quality development. China's economy will continue to be healthy. Development plays an extremely important role in driving the recovery of the global economy.
With the rapid growth of China's economy, it will drive my country's automobile industry from negative to positive. It is expected that production and sales will reach 27.5 million vehicles in 2021, an increase of more than 5%. The growth trend is more obvious for new energy vehicles and commercial vehicles. Feilong Company should keep up with the development pace of China's automobile industry, implement the new development concept of "perseverance, two-wheel drive, intensive cultivation and brand building", realize sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan and tax revenue of more than 0.35 billion yuan, and strive to achieve the goal of 50% of domestic business income and 50% of international trade income respectively.
Since September last year, international and domestic orders for volutes and exhaust manifolds have increased rapidly. This is the result of customers' trust in us and long-term friendly cooperation. Although we tried our best to overcome many difficulties and solve the contradictions and problems in production in a timely manner, the output increased month by month, but still could not meet the market demand, the supply gap was growing, and the contradiction between supply and demand became increasingly prominent. I hope that all employees will cherish the rare opportunity, work hard actively, think about what customers think, be anxious about what users are anxious about, give up their small family and take care of everyone, hold a highly responsible attitude towards customers and the company, work together, face difficulties, work overtime, and do their best to complete the task with quality and quantity.
The domestic market is not allowed to compete, and the international market is advancing. This is an important measure for Feilong Co., Ltd. to become stronger, better and bigger. Staff and comrades, let us join hands, work hard on the ground, and strive to achieve the ambitious goal of "being a century-old enterprise and creating a world brand!
Finally, I wish all employees and their families good luck and happiness in the Year of the Ox!

Sun Yaozhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Feilong Co., Ltd.
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