Flip component settings panel




Please use the module to make the content of each screen, and place the module in the grid container. This screen-turning component can automatically identify the screen-turning content only by setting the grid container ID and the tail screen ID.

The height of the tail screen will be automatically identified to achieve a half-screen flip effect without setting other content.

Noun description:

Container ID:The ID of the raster container in which the content is flipped.

Tail ID:The last one is not full-screen module ID. After setting, it will be automatically recognized and the half-screen flip effect will be realized.

Turn off Flip Resolution:When it is less than a certain resolution width, the screen turning effect is invalid and changed to the sliding screen effect.

Please also note:

Please do not modify and delete the contents of this component to avoid affecting the effect. This component is visible in the maker. The page in the page preview will not be visible.

If you are already familiar with the use of this component, or have completed the production, please remove the rich text element of this screen-turning component.


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